Connecting Great People With the Right Jobs

Success Start With Staff!

Connecting Great People With the Right Jobs

Success Start With Staff!

Providing Employee Placement Solutions Like No Other

Libra Staffing, Inc. is here to match people with jobs that best fit them. For more than 40 years, our highly specialized employee placement staff have been placing professionals in a wide range of positions that help them thrive career-wise.

What We Do

  • For Job Seekers

    We are sincere and hands-on when it comes to assisting those who are looking for work. As we understand people, we will treat every candidate with courtesy, respect, and compassion. Apart from this, we will also keep in touch with them through our trustworthy and up-to-date job boards that feature a selection of career opportunities in the following sectors, among others:

Light Industrial



  • For Employers

    Business leaders can rely on us to provide them with the best candidates to fill their open positions. Our team will meticulously evaluate the strengths and personality of each applicant to determine if they are the perfect fit for the company.

Our Commitment to Transparency

We strive to be the best partner we can be and that starts with honesty and transparency. To fulfill this goal, we will research, recruit, source and educate our clients and employees alike!

Let Us Do the Legwork for You

Count on us to seamlessly handle the laborious job or employee search process for you. Feel free to contact our staff today if you are interested to learn more about our staffing services. We are currently serving clients in California.